Joykids English

Basic info

King’s Kids ministry started in Hawaiji and landed in Finland 1987. King’s Kids are active in over 100 countries world wide, with thousands of kids involved. In Finland there are approx. 40 local groups. Joykids that operates in Pori area is composed of children and youth form various Christian churches. We have around 60 girls and boys in our group. Our background organisation is the Freechurch of Pori. All activities are in Finnish, but we have people with English skills.

The goal of Joykids is that children and youth learn to know God and form a bible-based understanding of humanity and values for their lifes.

Joykids offers an participatory peer group throughout childhood all the way until adulthood.
Joykids challenged children and youth to give their physical and musical talents for God’s glory.
Joykids raises up and encourages young people to take responsibility and leadership.
Joykids builds bridges of friendship between generations and various Christian denominations.

Principles and values

Bible is the Word of God, and we trust it as a guideline for the ministry and our lives.
We respect and value the congregation of each participant.
We encounter kids and youth as individuals and treat all group members equally.
Children and youth participate according to their talents and abilities.

Joykids activities 2012
Band Alive practises on Wednesdays of the weeks that are even number at 19.00
Drummer’s group on Wednesdays of weeks that are even numbers at 17.00
Choreography group- the whole group on Wednesdays of weeks that are even numbers at 17.00-19.00
Choreography group of older kids (12 years and above) on Wednesdays of weeks that are an UNeven number, basement of the church 17.00-19.00
”Joysingers” younger kids’ singing group when the whole group practises on Wednesdays on even number weeks.

Newcomers are welcomed to Choreography and Drumming, Band welcomes those with instrumental skills as positions are freed.

Joykids frame of activities

Familychurch is meant to be a happening the whole family can enjoy together.
Practice camp every autumn, new programme is practiced.
Practice at Freechurch of Pori, check the schedule on the front page of this website ”Joykidslukkari”, where you find out when each group practices. Make sure you get all information via textmessage by giving your mobile number to Eija.
Performances in different churches, youth happenings, schools, amusement parks, streets and outdoor happenings.

People running Joykids

Joykids run under youthwork of the Freechuch of Pori.
Joykids email address: joykids.pori@dnainternet.net

Rensponsible people:
Eija and Tommi Viljanen 0405578384
Soili and Jukka Valkama 0456757499
Elina Heimonen/ band JoyFamily
Anna Renfors / JoyBeat
Riikka Lähde/ JoyBeat
Outi Rantanen
Mari Kiviranta
oykids are run as a volunteer work, and our finances are composed mainly of donations from individuals.

We rejoice that our operation has been made possible all these years. Joykids account number is JOYKIDS 800028-36484153 and IBAN number FI2836484153

How to join the fun?

Joykids activity is open for all. Children of all ages are welcome to Familychurches and practises that preceed them. To join the group we require the age 7. All activities are in Finnish, but we have people with English skills.

No previous experience is required to join Choreography or Drumming groups. For the band ability to play an instrument is required, and positions are open when places are freed, inquire if you are interested.

Find where to find us in the schedule ”Joykidslukkari”. Welcome! Come and get to know what’s it all about!